Terms and conditions of rental

Identification and driving license are necessary for the lease contract.

The client and the designated drivers must be at least 21 years old and have a valid driving license for at least 1 year before the lease contract.

The rates are set in Euros and include VAT, as well as the insurances from a third party.
The payment is made in advance, in Euros or Lei, according to the exchange rates established by the BNR (National Bank of Romania) at the rental time, in cash, by credit card or by payment order. A deposit of 200-500 euros is demanded; according to the type of car it is rented.

The deposit will be returned to the client, except for the following situations:
• The vehicle is returned in a different aesthetic and technical condition from the one when given in charge.
• Is the vehicle was stolen or lost, as well as for losing the car keys, its original documents, plates or registration
• Damages/accidents involving the vehicle, if it is not covered by the insurance company.

Fuel is not included in price and it is client’s responsibility. The rental vehicle is delivered with the tank full and is to be given back in the same way. On the return of the vehicle, the lacking fuel will either be paid separately by the client, or from the deposit. The oil and maintenance are the Lessor’s responsibility.

The vehicle’s delivery and return will be done at the place, date and hour previously established by the client, with no extra charge in Bucharest, Monday-Friday from 8:00-19:00, and Saturdays from 8:00-16:00. The deliveries and pick ups outside this schedule are to be charged 25 Euros (VAT included). Delivery and return are possible in other locations in Romania, but only on Lessor’s approval and for a beforehand settled charge.

The vehicle is to be given in charge to the client in good technical conditions with no hidden or visible damage, any contrary information being mentioned in the contract. For delays up to 1 hour, there is no extra charge. Returning the vehicle with up to 4 hours of delay means half a rental day’s charge, and for delays longer than 4 hours, there will be a full day’s extra charge.

The Lease contract extension can be demanded by telephone or e-mail, at least 12 hours before it expires. The vehicle will be declared as stolen to the Police if the delay will not be previously announced.

The client must:
• Drive the vehicle according to the Circulation Rules on public roads. It is forbidden to drive off roads, on unmarked and forestry roads.
• Always keep the car keys with him when not using the vehicle and not trust it with nobody else who is not mentioned on the Lease Contract.
• Not use the vehicle in car races, tests, to push or trail other vehicles or tows.
• Not leave the vehicle open (doors, windows, trunk), with the keys in ignition.
• Use the vehicle according to the producer’s instructions

The vehicle is insured for damages to a third party only during the Lease Contract time, as stipulated. In case of an accident it is compulsory to declare it to the Insurance Company and to the Police, who will determine the damages and will issue the written record and the repair authorization. These documents are indispensable for the insurance compensation and damage repair.

The Police declaration is mandatory if the client is guilty, if he is not guilty but involved in the accident and even if the responsible part is unidentified(example: damages brought on the vehicle in absence).

Without these documents, the client will still be responsible with the repair expenses.
When the lease contract expires, the client will still be responsible for the fines and other expenses which are afterwards discovered.

If the accident should occur by the client’s exclusive fault, he will have to pay the Lessor the amount representing 30% of a lease contract’s value, which could have been signed while the vehicle is held for repairs.

For any incident resulting in damaging the vehicle, there is a franchise of 100 euros+VAT, which will be on client’s charge.